In the recently concluded Licensing Expo 2018 (May 22-May 24), Activision Blizzard has announced that they will partner with the LEGO group to release merchandise from the construction category for their Overwatch franchise while announcing too, that

“LEGO GROUP plans for multiple Overwatch building sets across various price points”

A forum post by popular LEGO designer (Mark Sttaford@nabii) on LEGO fansite Eurobricks confirms that he was/is involved in the development process of said Overwatch sets . He also hints that we might be getting more official information of the sets in the next couple of months.

I worked on these sets.

There was a big internal discussion about basing things on an FPS, but Overwatch has no blood, no realistic weapons (except maybe McCree) and a fantastic story universe with wonderful heroes and villains. Also Blizzard have big plans for the future which excited us. (EDIT: the future of Overwatch that excited us. (- sorry Digger of Bricks!))

I’ve been a player since beta so I was incredibly excited to be part of it.

For now that’s all I can say, but I will be back in the future and will probably answer a few questions at that time (a month or three from now when things start to officially surface), but I can’t answer any questions right now.

A check on nabii’s (Mark Stafford) body of work as listed on his bricklist on Brickset shows that he has been involved in many Mech and robotic vehicle based sets so that might be an early indication of some of the sets to expect.

This is definitely exciting news for Overwatch fans in the AFOL world as we await the first LEGO Overwatch



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