A simple review – JKBrickworks via MOCHUB

Sometime a few months back, we saw a beautiful moc (my own creation) by JKBrickworks of LEGO IDEAS MAZE fame (as well as Sisyphus and other wonderfully simple looking mocs with some movement built in). It was a pull-along duck moc which is a homage to one of the earlier wooden toys released by LEGO.

We then learnt that JKBrickworks had released instructions and parts list for free on his site as well as listed his full creation on MOCHUB too.

MOCHUB is a new service from Hungary that evolved from a simple Bricklink? store to a full MOC kitting store. We decided to explore MOCHUB as we had not seen this platform before. We would normally be more cautious about a site that promises to ship all the parts and instructions to needed to complete a moc for a fee, but we decided to take the plunge as JKBrickworks lent his mocs to the platform. Please do your due diligence when shopping online peeps as mileage may vary from person to person.

The purchasing process was pretty straightforward. Every kit at MOCHUB has a listed price so the total price to be paid to MOCHUB was just that listed price + the shipping cost that is calculated in the cart. The promised shipping date was about 3 weeks. We purchased the moc kit in mid-March and got the notification that it was shipped out in early April. It only took one day between receiving the notification of shipment and it actually arriving at our doorstep so the promise was about right. Packaging was perfect and come with a packing list and a thank you letter. Elements were packed in zip lock bags by general element type (Plates, Tiles, Bricks, SNOT elements, etc)
We would have no qualms about using their services again if the correct moc appears in their list.



The actual moc

About the pull-along duck itself from JKBrickworks, it is a beautiful display piece and working pull along toy. We needed to tweak a little on the direction of the string that controls the movement of the beak (this was well explained by JKBrickworks ahead of time due to varying string lengths from the actual source)
It, however, is not intended to be handled by a kid as the head itself(being the movable part where the beak opens and closes) is quite fragile if it was grasped and yanked off.  The rebuilding of the head was not that straightforward if you didn’t know what you were doing.

All in all, we didn’t regret getting this great moc by JKBrickworks and will sit proudly in our living room as a conversation starter. Colour scheme was perfect. (It has already been remarked by one guest as being the only non-Lego decoration (haha) on our living room shelf which is a testament to how great a moc it is.)



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