5005358_alt1A promotional set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the modern minifigure, LEGO has uploaded official pictures of 5005358 – LEGO Minifigure factory to its servers and we finally have good quality pictures of the nanofigures in this set which are :

Ninjago P.I.X.A.L
Serues 1 Collectible Minifigures Nurse
Classic Spaceman
Classic Policeman from 1978

50053585005358_alt2 We compiled the possible references to the actual minifigures into one neat picture below 🙂 (Credit to individual picture owners such as brickset for the Classic Spaceman picture)

This promotional set will be available for free from April 1st in the US with a minimum purchase of USD$75 from LEGO stores and from the April 6th in Singapore with a minimum purchase of S$88 in LEGO Certified Stores.


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