LEGO has recently announced the release of an Incredibles 2 branded video game via a teaser video featuring the complete Parr family, Frozone and Edna Mode. Supported consoles and platforms include PS4, XBox, Nintendo Switch and PC and will be released in June 2018.

Parr Family and Edna
Screencap showing the Incredibles family and Edna
Screencap showing Frozone

Based on gaming site listings, each gaming platform will include at least two different versions of the game. One version with only the game and another version with the game and an exclusive Edna Mode minifigure.



PS4PS4 Minifig

Different versions are normally distributed via different sales channels (example: exclusive retailers takes one version while normal retailers gets another version) so mileage will vary from nation to nation. Game retailer has both versions listed for all formats with the minifigure version costing an additional £5 for all consoles (See example for Nintendo Switch here and here)

This marks the first time that Pixar characters are recreated in a LEGO game, thus opening more possibilities that other beloved franchises from Pixar like Toy Story, Inside Out and Monsters Inc making their debuts in LEGO or LEGO Game form sooner rather than later.



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