Here’s a quick pictorial review of the 5005244 Teen Groot Polybag Keychain.

Here in sunny Singapore, March the 3rd 2018 represented the official launch of LEGO Marvel Infinity War products. Along with special freebies with purchase, exclusively at the pop up store at Suntec City atrium, we get as well a new and exclusive Teen Groot polybag with a S$70 in-store purchase at all the LCS(LEGO Ceritified Store) outlets here.

As this is a simple pictorial review, we’ll just leave you some pictures and some personal comments on the keychain.

Teen Groot Polybag Front

Teen Groot Polybag Back

Teen Groot Keychain Front

Teen Groot Keychain BackIt looks the Teen Groot exclusive keychain only has torso and face prints.
We took a look at a review from jaysbrickblog to check for similarities and differences with the Teen Groot seen in set 76102: Thor’s Weapon Quest.

We could only find that the difference lies solely on the expression. Whereby the expression on Teen Groot in the playset looks like a teenage angst/unwillingness, the expression on the keychain is one of anger or fierceness.

If you manage to get this keychain at a reasonable price, do go ahead and get it as Groot is a much loved character from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.



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