Starting Jan 28th, LEGO seems set to release several exclusive sets to commemorate the 60th Year of the Brick exclusively for Walmart. These seem to be an addition to the five existing sets already released for this anniversary

Firstly, we have the “Bricks on a Roll” set comprising of 442 pieces and priced at USD$29.99 with the unique selling point focusing on the plethora of different wheels in this set.

Finally, we have a pair of classic collectible looking sets, also Walmart Exclusives which depict a House and a Windmill respectively. We believe many collectors will be eyeing these sets. LEGO seems to have priced them as such with each of the sets below with each one set at a price of USD$19.99. This is pricey compared to their modest 64 and 48 piece count respectively but we strongly believe that these are targeted solely at the adults collectors or fans seeking that touch of nostalgia.



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Windmill Box Front

Windmill Box Back


We surely hope that these sets reach our shores in Malaysia and Singapore too.

*Update: Promobricks has updated that there is one more retro style build exclusive set that will be released: A 44pcs Truck.

Source: , hidefninja, promobricks.

WALMART has updated the purchase start dates of these sets.

House – Starts Feb 1 . Purchase link here . Out of stock for now.
Windmill – Starts Feb 5. Purchase link here . Out of stock for now.
Truck – Starts Feb 9. Purchase link here


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