*Updated 7th March 2018 with IKEA Malmsta.
*Updated 7th May 2018 with Pure Display

Ever since the LEGO 75192 – UCS Millennium Falcon has been launched, it was so popular that stocks were not readily available for purchase off the shelf and you either had to make a booking or had to be at the right place at the right time.

LEGO seems to have finally found the balance with stocks starting to return to healthy levels. What better time than to share some display ideas from those that were fortunate enough to get it last year and have made their decision. In this article we are just going to show some display pictures of the the 75192 encased in clear material to protect it from dust/itchy fingers but still visible to everyone in that area.

Without further ado, let’s head on to the pictures!

Display and Photo by A.Yak
Display and Photo by D.Khi
Display and Photo by MK. NG
Display and Photo by T.Dinh
Display and Photo by VV.Chan
Display and Photo by WC. Ang
display and picture by A.Moraes (display case by moducase)

The images below are of the 10179/modified 10179’s and original owners of pics are unknown but we figured we’d put it here too. By Lysander Chau


Display and Photo by K.Wong

As an added bonus, for those that want a more dynamic pose for their UCS Millennium Falcon, a fan favourite LEGO Technic based stand has also been making its rounds around fan groups. It’s called the Efferman’s Stand and instructions have been made available by Lucioswitch81 at the rebrickable website (Landing gear on the set needs to be removed to mount it on this stand)

*Update 19th Feb 2018, Wickedbricks is now selling an acrylic based stand similar to the Efferman’s Stand above with a more polished feel as it features laser cut details. Price is quite steep but we guess you get what you pay for (Landing gear still has to be removed in order to use this stand)
Pricing details on and more pictures on Wickedbricks

IKEA Malmsta Coffee Table (Sides are open)-idea by InsertDiscSeven

A relatively affordable coffee table is available at IKEA UK. (Please check with your country’s IKEA if it is available there. It seems to be temporarily discontinued in the US and the white one seems to be uniquely available in Sweden.

Here is a review of another acrylic based display from Eurobricks with links to purchase it in the article itself. Picture below shows it on the acrylic stand and also encased in an acrylic box. Again this is a very pricey solution but another option.

Would you like to share your own display idea for the 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon here? Contact us and we’ll post it up!


  1. The issue I have with the moducase picture is the Falcon measures at over 23 inches wide, and the shelf is only 17.6 inches deep. So.. how exactly is that display working?

  2. It would be helpful if you listed how we purchase all these various display tables/cases. I’m assuming the majority of these are all custom built and very expensive.

    • Yes, we are assuming the majority of these display cases/tables are probably custom made. For those available for retail sales, we have striven to input the links to the stores.

  3. My table is likely smaller than the full size of the ship. What are the dimensions of just the landing gear?

    • We’d recommend looking a local carpenter to do it. Here, we are just sharing some display ideas from others round the net.


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