The LEGO Mosaic Maker experience, will make it’s way to Hong Kong this January! This feature was previously available only in Europe at Leicester Square London, Legoland Windsor and the LEGO House Billund; will now be traveling to Hong Kong for the Toys R Us Toy Fair 2018, more specifically the Flagship Toys R Us Store at Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong from the 5th of Jan 2018 onward. Registrations start on the 4th of Jan 2018! The machine basically captures your face and turns it into a LEGO mosaic complete with the instruction page and all the bricks needed to make a LEGO mosaic you. (more precisely, a LEGO mosaic of your face!)

As seen in this Toys R Us link, it seems to be a three step process(Screengrab below). Two steps done at the comfort of your own home to make sure you get a timeslot after the initial purchase and the final step is to head on down to Tsim Sha Tsui Ocean Terminal Toys R Us Store with the relevant documents for the mosaic creation.

Price per customized mosaic will be 1299.90HKD

1. LEGO Mosaic Maker Experience Card Purchase page
2. Timeslot registration page
3. Go to Toys R Us Ocean Terminal at the registered timeslot.

Based off the registration page, timeslots seem to be on a 15 or 20 minute interval between each slot depending on the date chosen and starts way early in the morning at 10.00am and ends with the 9.20pm/9.30pm timeslot and dates of availability are from 5th Jan 2018 till 3rd Feb 2018.

*This seems to be a traveling roadshow to celebrate the Toyfair 2018 and may not a permanent fixture so do register early to avoid disappointment.

Screengrab of TRU Mosaic Maker Experience Page. 3-1-2018
Screengrab of Terms and Conditions (Click to zoom) 3-1-2018
Screengrab Splash Page 3-1-2018
Screengrab of Mosaic Maker purchase screen. 4-1-2018

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