A week or so ago, new “pod style” blister packs LEGO Ninjago Cole’s Pod and Jay’s Pod were found by LEGO fans in Legoland California and Legoland Malaysia.
These differ from the regular packages of these “pods” which started off with the Batman Battle Pod where they were part of a VERY bulky polybag.

Legoland Malaysia POD Rack courtesy of Singapore Bricks Club(Facebook Page)

This time around, they come in blister packs(luckily much easier to open than regular ones) with perforated tabs for ease of opening.
We believe the change to a blister pack means that these are intended to be displayed on retail shelves rather than the primary distribution method as giveaways as was the case for the past 4 pods.
Courtesy of friendly reader Ms. J, we got our hands on these pods that retail at MYR 39.90 each (equivalent to about 10 USD)

Picture credit Singapore Bricks Club(Facebook page)

The Ninjago theme actually had one “Pod” set released a few months ago (Kai’s Dojo Pod) but that was based off the Ninjago Movie while these two new Ninjago pods are based on the animation series, Masters of Spinjitzu. Let’s take a look at the packaging. As mentioned at the start, they feature “perforated tabs” that make the opening a breeze. Set numbers are marked at the back of the packs with 853758 being Jay’s Pod and 853759 being Cole’s Pod. For the purpose of this quick review, we will also be including the Kai’s Dojo Pod for comparison from time to time.

Blister Packs front
Blister Packs front
Blister packs back
Blister packs back

As with Kai’s Dojo Pod, the sets feature a lenticular graphic at the front of the pod which changes depend on the angle you tilt it. The two graphics you’ll see per pod are their respective element sign and their mask graphic.

Jay Pod Lenticular Mask
Jay Pod Lenticular Mask
Jay’s Pod Lenticular Element
Cole Pod Lenticular Mask
Cole’s Pod Lenticular Mask
Cole’s Pod Lenticular Element

A small difference exists when compared to Kai’s Dojo Pod where the mask graphic has been updated to showcase the newer mask style introduced in Ninjago Movie and will also be used in the next Ninjago season (Sons of Garmadon)

Kai Dojo Pod Lenticular compared to Jay Pod Lenticular
Kai Dojo Pod Lenticular compared to Jay Pod Lenticular

The contents of the Pod’s include an instruction leaflet and the parts that are packed in a plastic bag. Assembly is straightforward with the build being placed on the round baseplate on the left and the minifig placed on the right and the final build will be as pictured below. Builds are nearly identical for both pods with only a swap in the weapons and side weapons as well as difference in the ring colour of the Kendo faceguard.

Jay's Pod and Cole's Pod
Jay’s Pod and Cole’s Pod
Kai's Dojo Pod and Jay's Pod
Kai’s Dojo Pod and Jay’s Pod

For the individual minifigs, they come with a black training garb (as opposed to the previous pod style for Kai who came in the white training garb) and features printing on the torso (front and back) and legs (front only).

Front of figs
Front of figs- Cole, Jay and Kai(from Kai’s Dojo Pod)
Back of figs - Normal
Back of figs- Cole, Jay and Kai(from Kai’s Dojo Pod)
Back of figs - hairpiece turned
Back of figs- Cole, Jay and Kai(from Kai’s Dojo Pod) – Hairpiece turned to show alternate expression
Wearing the provided Kendo Face Guards
With respective Kendo Face Guards

The addition of these two pods make the total of pods released till date stand at 6 (Batman Battle Pod, Nexo Knights Armour Pod, Friends Ski Pod, Ninjago Kai’s Dojo Pod) with another POD (Darth Vader pod) announced but delayed/cancelled due to production issues.

Which is your favourite pod to date and were they easy to acquire at your area?


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