Pictures are still quite low quality as they have been resized on the Bricksworld site but there are some extra pictures that have not been seen before. The official release date for Singapore will be on the Friday, 27th of October 2017

70632 Quake Mech – $S149.90

70632_Box1_v39_Resize 70632_Box5_v29_Resize

70632_Prod_Resize 70632_Front_01_Resize

70632_Back_05_Resize 70632_Back_08_Resize

70631 Garmadon’s Volcano Lair – S$99.90 70631_Box1_v39_Resize (1)

70631_Box5_v39_Resize 70631_Prod_Resize

70631_Back_07_Resize 70631_Back_08_Resize

70631_Back_09_Resize 70631_Back_06_Resize

70629 Piranha Attack – S$39.90

70629_Box1_v39_Resize 70629_Box5_v29_Resize

70629_Prod_Resize 70629_Back_08_Resize 70629_Front_04_Resize