The brothersbrick have revealed the NYCC exclusive Brickheadz set which would mark it’s first foray into the Star Wars theme. Rumour has it that more SW Brickheadz will make it to market in 2018.

41498 - box and contents In a slight departure from the traditional Brickheadz format, Han Solo is reproduced at 2x wider than a traditional Brickheadz build and that slab of carbonite has to be held in place with some L shaped(windshield?) bricks. I guess tipping over happened way to often with that geometry of build 41498 - contents

As usual, Comic-Con exclusives are limited in number; CNET has also reported that it will be sold at the normal price of USD39.99 at the Lego Booth at New York Comic Con.
The New York Comic-Con will run from Oct 5 to Oct 8 2017.

41498 - front