Dutch AFOL news site, bouwsteenjes.info has reported on the discovery of the new 2017 exclusive Christmas set on a YouTube video. We don’t have the link to the video so we’ll take their word for it.
This is obviously a reference to the Nutcracker Soldiers or dolls that is popular in Europe particularly Germany where they are though of as a symbol of good luck. No word yet when this will come out or the mechanism of distribution but traditionally, it’s a Gift with Purchase with a minimum spend amount at Lego Brand Retail Stores or Online Lego Shop@Home.

Our opinion on the set is that it’ll make a fine addition to any mantelpiece and would also provide a great companion piece to any Nutcracker collection that you may already have.

The past few years have seen LCS in Singapore and Malaysia miss out on this promotion so we won’t be surprised if this continues this year but we’ve learnt never to say never.

Below is another screenshot from the vid.