Hot on the heels of the first look of the Piranha Attack and Quake Mech, we have received images of yet another new set, Garmadon’s Volcano Base as well as more detailed pictures of each of the three sets.

This will be their prices in Europe:

70631 Volcano Base 49,99€
70632 Cole’s Quake Mech 79,99€
70629 Piranha Attack 19,99€

The Garmadon Garmadon Garmadon  set will also be released in Dec based on the information from SDCC previously.

news via Brick and Bricks FB page and originally from promobricks.de

70630 box

70630 main

70632 box

70632 main

70629 box

70629 box


  1. […] thebrickfan has reported on the official images for the garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! set that will be released on Dec 1 2017 with a retail price of US$79.90 Images were released on the Toys R US Japan website along with 3 other main Ninjago Movie sets that will be released on the same date, the 70631 Volcano Base, 70629 Piranha Attack and the good guy mech missing from the first wave, th… […]

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