vx99fo3os4nz_editedCole’s Quake Mech and Piranha Attack, part of the 2nd wave of LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE sets are revealed by hfmasters in reddit today via a German TV site‘s competition.

Everyone had been wondering where Cole’s Quake Mech was when the first wave was released seeing every other ninja and their mech were represented except the Quake Mech. The trailers even prominently showed the Quake Mech and Cole alongside the rest of the Mechs and also released a mini version of it so it was all the more puzzling why LEGO kept it under wraps.

With this boxart reveal, we can guess that the reason for delaying it would be the presence of Lady Iron Dragon in it (a common minifigure across the two sets revealed) Lady Iron Dragon (Misako) is dressed in black Ninja garb with bow and arrow confronting the baddies. It could be a plotline that LEGO didn’t want to be revealed until the release of the movie.

It’ll be really interesting to see how they prop the Quake Mech up. We think it’ll be some variation of transparent pieces.

The smaller Piranha Attack set looks like it was lifted up from the Junior lineup with it’s oversized moulded parts which look easy enough to assemble even with smaller hands. Definitely interesting.

The site mentions that they will drop in on December which is also the date that the Garmadon Garmadon Garmadon set will be sold to the public.

Here are the set descriptions from the site translated with Google Translate

Cole’s Quake-Mech – 70632

Save Fred Finley with Cole’s Quake-Mech.
Grasp Crusher with the gigantic fists of the Mech and unfold the shoulders to drive the shark monsters with powerful sound waves!


Piranha Attack – 70629

Help Kai and Misako on the Piranha attack. Save Ray before the Piranha-Mech and use Kais Katanas and Misakos bow and arrow. Save Rays Rikshaw from the snap of the Piranha-Mech!

Here’s the original image from the website