After a month of teasing, we are told that LEGO will be releasing their Biggest set ever at the end of this week. Let’s do a small recap of the 4 teasers released in Twitter and Facebook thus far.

1. The Box Size – 97,200 cm³

The London Bus comes in a box that is over 20,000 cm³ but something BIGGER is coming… 😮 4.86 times bigger, to be exact! 😉

2. The Instruction Manual Page Count – 497 pages

The instruction manual for the LEGO Carousel contains over 194 pages but something BIGGER is coming… 😮 2.56 times bigger! 😉

3. The Brick Count – 7,541pcs

The biggest LEGO set to date is the 5,922 piece Taj Mahal but something BIGGER is coming… the newest LEGO Star Wars set is 1,619 pieces bigger! 😲

4. How to Carry it Home?! – comes in an environmentally friendly trolley (castor wheels, awkward looking but pragmatic handle and all)

The #LEGOStarWars  Death Star fits in a yellow LEGO bag, but something BIGGER is coming… We have to apply wheels to the outer carton so shoppers can carry the next LEGO @starwars set! 😱

The official announcement will be made on the 1st of September (Force Friday) but we won’t be surprised if most information comes out on the 31st of August.