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[EN] Released together with the 40170 – Lego City Build My City Accessory Pack, this set 40264 – Lego Friends Accessory Pack has somewhat flew under the radar.
The front of the box features the builds for your Heartlake City which include a ping pong table, a stage with speakers and a mic, a little playground roundabout with a rabbit and a hamster, a bigger rabbit with a carrot and cherry treat, a juice dispenser, a hot dog grill and a park bench with a skateboard. Rounding off the set is a giant swan boat/inflatable

[BM] Dikeluarkan bersama 40170 – Lego City Build My City Accessory Pack, set ini memberikan anda beberapa build kecil termasuk meja ping-pong, pentas nyanyian, bulatan permainan bersama dua haiwan kecil, arnab dengan lobak merah, mesin jus buah-buahan, grill sosej dan kerusi taman. Akhir sekali, angsa mainan kolam ditambah juga.


[EN] The back of the box again shows us another potentially interesting playmat system other than the City playmat 853656 . This time, it features playmat 853671 which is Friends themed and shares similar features with the aforementioned City playmat with connection holes and mini builds to connect them.

[BM] Belakang kotak menunjukkan tikar mainan yang menarik serupa dengan City playmat 853656. Kali ini, 853671 yang bertema Friends ditunjukkan yang berkongsi beberapa ciri serupa dengan tikar mainan City 853656


Interesting road system
Weirdly shaped box again


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