This accessory pack has recently been discovered on the shelves in Singapore. We were alerted to it by Jenks87 in a Singaporean AFOL group and made our way to purchase it ourselves when we were in Singapore over the weekend.

Grow your city in new ways!

Improve your LEGO® City services with this Build My City Accessory Set, featuring buildable streetlight, bike rack, checkpoint gate with lowering bar, fountain and city greenery.



The back of the box reveals something pretty interesting too. 853656 which seems to be a paper/fabric road pack with what looks like holes at each corner to provide connection points.

There are 5 roadplates in total and what I assume to be 100 other elements.
The boxart shows that the roadplates can be put at an angle using some connector element at the bottom of the corners.
We are in agreement with Lego that this will be a good set for the kids to roleplay with when it comes out.


Getting back to 40170, the shaping of the box is pretty peculiar, probably as a practical alternative to a  POS(Point of sale) display.


The contents


Based on the instruction booklet, we count a total of 99 elements in this set including a sticker sheet which gives it a potential grand total of 100 elements.



The Builds

I’ve tried to group the builds into a few categories

Road Scene
A  Traffic Light and a Speed Limit sign
A Parking Access Gate with a Control Room and a lowering bar.
A Street Light and a Trashcan complete with an empty bottle.


Leisure scene
A small fountain?
A possible co-share bicycle along with its rack and a road map


“Under Construction” scene

A Men at work sign along with Road Hazard Light on top
A Barricade with some tools along with a jackhammer drill.


Park scene

This one is a big puzzling for me

Flowers and Tree?
Food on an open Crate?
A Bench with a Newspaper, a mug and an empty can?


At a member’s price of Singapore Dollars $16.10, this represents a decent set for all and sundry who would like to add some small builds to their city.
I expect this to cost Malaysian Ringgit 39.90 and about 7.90 to 9.90 USD when it is released in the respective countries.
As a whole, I like the concept and I believe that the price is low enough for a parent to simply grab one off the shelves for their kids roleplay activities.

Extra Pieces

Lego was kinda generous with the extra pieces here. 12 extra pieces (not counting the plastic waste from the leaves)



  1. I just saw this set at our nearest Lego store. I wish I would have bought it since I can’t find it anywhere else. Not even online. They have the roadplates too. The acc. set shares the part number of a winter build from a few years ago.


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