The vote for one of the next LEGO UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) Star Wars spaceship at the LEGO IDEAS site has concluded and with more than half of the votes, the Republic Gunship a.k.a Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i) has been voted the favourite out of the three candidates (The other two were the Nebulon B Frigate and the T.I.E. Bomber)

Image from Wookiepedia

We were rooting for the Nebulon B Frigate but we are sure fans of the Prequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars will be pleased with the result. Do note that this does not mean that the Frigate and the T.I.E. Bomber will never be a UCS set, just that a UCS Republic Gunship will probably arrive sooner than the rest 🙂



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