Build A Minifigure exclusive elements – Q4

The Build-A-Minifigure LEGO store feature allows customers to create 3 unique minifigures from a variety of elements on the wall.
Each minifigure is recommended to be made of one each of these elements (Headpiece, Head, Torso, Legs, Accessory) and you  fill up the clamshell packaging provided with those 15 elements before proceeding to pay for them.

Recently, it seems that the team in charge of picking the elements for this feature have decided to put in elements which are totally unique to the Build-A-Minifigure wall/kiosks (This is confirmed by Matthew J. Ashton (VP of Design, the LEGO Group). They differ from those in the retail sets only in terms of different print designs or a different plastic colour. Nothing mind-blowing like a totally new element (yet!)

For those that enjoy a little BAM hunting every now and then, for this season (Q4), LEGO has released some new BAM exclusives and they are all neatly archived by hokay bricks in collaboration with the New Elementary.

Q4 2019 BAM Exclusives – image from hokaybricks.

First Row (From L-R)
Cat Ears a.k.a. Neko Ears Hair : New colour
Hair with Pigtails : New colour

Second Row (From L-R)
Skirt Piece: No printing
Leg Piece : New dual moulded colour
Headpiece New print
Ski Piece : New print

Third Row (From L-R)
Leg Piece : New print
Torso : New print
Dog : New print, New colour

We do note that the roll out of these Q4 BAM elements differ from country to country. Some elements have started to appear in Malaysian LCS (Midvalley and Sunway) but no sightings yet in Singapore so the hunt continues!

Main image courtesy of
Information and pictures from Erik of hokaybricks.


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