The LEGO Inside Tour has started its 2nd of 4 sessions of 2019. The LEGO Inside Tour is a 2.5 days premium guided tour of The LEGO Group at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. More details on the LEGO Inside Tour here

Among the many unique experiences of this tour which includes unique building experiences with LEGO designers, a factory tour, a trip to the LEGO staff shop, participants can also bring home a special exclusive set.

This year, it’s the 40000034 The LEGO System House which is now revealed via social media and selling platforms. LEGO has also released the building instructions for the set on their site.


The set is a recreation of the System House inauguration on September 12, 1958 at Billund and the PR picture taken during that time with Sales Directors from Denmark,Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands and Austria in attendance. This is further explained in the LEGO history on the System House

The System House

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen wants an administrative building for handling the company’s international activities, exhibiting new products, and as an inspiration centre. In 1958 this results in the System House, a place of inspiration and a coordinating unit for the company’s international work. System House reflects the LEGO philosophy of unlimited possibilities. Cultivating close cooperation and informal get-togethers, the staff at System House manage many different personalities across national boundaries, culture, politics and language.

The aim is to have “one big happy LEGO family”, centered on the LEGO System. The appropriate national flags flutter above System House when representatives of the various sales companies visit Billund. An upstairs floor is added to a part of the building in 1961. Today the System House is still a part of the company.

Some pictures of the set scoured from the internet from Ebay and Wooden Duck are inserted below.


The set also comes with a brand new exclusive element of a drafting lamp/drafting tool and the instructions also kindly provide an alternative build to the exclusive element(on the right) for those that aren’t attending the tour but would like to build the set for themselves. This way, the attendees can have something unique while other LEGO lovers can also enjoy the set. A nice touch.



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