Artikel dwibahasa/dual language article

[EN] This is going to be a short article.
All six seasonal lifestyle sets of 2017 have been seen in Singapore Lego Certified Stores including three new sets from the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.Here are the front and back boxart views. Prices are in Singapore Dollars.Set names are not official.

40261 – Thanksgiving Harvest
40262 – Chrismas Train and Market Square
40263 – Christmas Town Square

*Thanks for fellow AFOL Mr. Y. Tan for pointing it out in a facebook group.

[BM] Artikel ini padat saja. Kesemua set musim 2017 dijumpai di LCS Singapura termasuk tiga set baru daripada musim Thanksgiving dan Krismas. Disini ditunjukkan senikotaknya. Harga dalam dollar Singapura


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