LEGO has made an annoucement via Facebook on the 7th of September 2017 that the Palace Cinema Modular building set will be retiring soon. This set designed by Astrid Graabæk and Jordan Schwartz was released in March 2013. This would mean it had a relatively long 4.5 year run before being given the retirement badge. Compare this with the previous two retirees of the Modular series, Town Hall which lasted 2.5 years and Pet Shop which lasted 5.5 years and we have quite a wide range of product lifetimes.

2017-09-11 09_10_34-LEGO - Don_t miss the last screening at the Palace Cinema before...

As of September 11, it is listed as being sold out at the US Shop@Home site. Have you gotten yours yet?
Palace Cinema - 10232 _ Creator Expert _ LEGO Shop

Five Fun Facts about the LEGO Palace Cinema set
1. The only LEGO set that contains a RED 32 x 32 Baseplate

2. The only LEGO modular building that came with stickers.

3. The names of the designers are Legofied as Astrid Greybrick and Jordan Montelegone in one of the movie poster stickers.






4. It is only one of two LEGO sets that comes with a green new brick separator (The other set being the primarily orange coloured Horizon Express) instead of the common orange one and this is also reflected in the same movie poster sticker above which portrays the green brick separator as a monster tearing up the place


5. For sets purchased in September 2013, It came with a promotional movie poster sticker to promote the LEGO Movie.

As of writing, this set is still being sold in European sites of Lego Shop@Home and also in LCS in Singapore. News like this is normally accompanied by bulk purchases of the sets by opportunists and collectors alike but seeing as everyone had ample time to get it, we think this “EOL” news will be quite muted.