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[EN] Wave 9 of Lego Dimensions is coming soon with Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go and Beetlejuice packs. Last announcement pegged it at a global release date of Sep 12 2017

Rumours have been swirling around all year that this could be the final bow for the Lego Dimensions line. We are sad to potentially see it go but at least , it has been a great run. Minifigure fans rejoiced with the release of such retro favourites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Goonies, Stay Puft and Gremlins. See below for high res photos of the Packs for Wave 9.
71255 Team Pack (Beast Boy + T-Car, Raven + Raven’s Spellbook)
71346 Team Pack (Blossom + PPG Smartphone, Bubbles + Octi)
71287 Fun Pack (Starfire + Titan Robot)
71343 Fun Pack (Buttercup + Mega Blast Bot)

71349 Fun Pack (Beetlejuice + Saturn’s Sandworm)

Wave 9

[BM] Fasa ke-9 Lego Dimensions akan datang dengan pek Beetlejuice, Teen Titans Go dan Powerpuff Girls. Pengumuman terakhir memberi tarikh Sep 12 2017 sebagai tarikh jualan

Desas-desus yang tersebar tahun ini berkata inilah fasa terakhir Lego Dimensions. Kami berasa sedih melihat pemergiannnya tetapi ia telahpun memberi kita banyak minifigure retro yang menarik seperti Sonic the Hedgehog, Marshmallow Man, Gremlins dan Adventure Time.

71287 Fun Pack 71255 Team Pack

71343 Fun Pack 71346 Team Pack

71349 Fun Pack