Bricktober 2017

Fellow AFOL Brick Samurai has found a poster of all 4 Bricktober 2017 sets in Toys ‘R’ Us Austria.  Each of the 4 Bricktober sets seem to be purchaseable at 14.99 Euros each or free with a purchase of 40 Euros.
All 4 2017 sets follow the 2016 Bricktober sets format of 4 minifigures per box.
The biggest difference is that while 2016 Bricktober sets were essentially glorified generic Build-A-Minifigure packs, the 2017 sets are classed by Lego theme and contains some real gems.

Lego Ninjago set
Brick Samurai has identified the figures as White Nindroid, Neuro, Krux, Digiverse Golden Ninja(Golden Techno Kai)

BaT Lego Batman Movie set
 Just putting my own names to the Batman suits here: Cash Batman, Blue Bunny Batman, Wizard Batman and Roman Soldier Batman
Lego City Jungle set
Generic looking City Jungle figures of two explorers, one scientist and one tech
Lego Characters set
This would be the third pack with recolouring of minifigures released previously in the Collectible Minifigure Series.
For this pack we get a recolour of the Boxer from Series 5 , Hippie from Series 7 , Zombie Cheerleader from Series 14 , Sailor from Series 4

*The last two recoloured Collectible Minifigure Series were the Gingerbread Man and the Cavepeople which were recolours of the Gingerbread Man from Series 11Caveman from Series 1 and  Cavewoman from Series 5

The Cheerleader is interesting from a trivia standpoint. This will be the 4th Cheerleader of a similar design released by LEGO. The previous 3 had the letter M, A, Z on the torso and this new one has the letter J so although it looks similar to the Zombie Cheerleader, it probably wasn’t intended to be the unzombified version of it. Bummer.

It’s nice to see LEGO make an effort this time around for Bricktober. As this is currently only being distributed in Germany, let’s see what the distribution mechanism is in the rest of the world by October.


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