There doesn’t seem to be much written reviews on Junior sets so I thought I’d archive one from the Lego Ninjago Movie in this website. This will be a short pictorial review of Lego 10739 Juniors Shark Attack.

As usual, the Juniors line caters to the gap years between Lego Duplo and slightly more advanced Lego System sets. To adults, this means the biggest draw of these sets are the total absence of stickers and if we’re lucky, loads of printed parts. For this particular set, we have 7 printed parts with a few of them probably unique to this set.


Here are pictures of Kai as represented in this set. He has a dual printed head and dual katanas

Kai Front Kai Back
Kai Front unmasked Kai Back unmasked alt

Next up, we have Lloyd in his Spinjitzu training garb. From what we know, this training garb is common across all ninjas. Lloyd has a saber with a pearl gold tassle.

Lloyd Front Lloyd Back Alt

Rounding up the minifigure selection is the baddie of the set, the shark henchmen. The LEGO Ninjago movie will feature a variety of aquatic costumed henchmen and this is just one of them

Shark Front Shark Back
Shark Front unmasked

Training area builds including a spinning training dummy, a weapons rack, a weapons cache and a breakable “plank”
1 Vehicles – Shark Car and Kai’s Motorcycle


All in all, this seems to be quite a run of the mill Juniors set with an expected “premium price” I’d give this set an overall 6.5/10 and I don’t regret picking it up.

A few interesting items round up this pictorial review (The fence appears in abundance in the upcoming Ninjago City Set while I don’t recollect seeing the other two elements in the other sets that I’ve purchased in the past few years)

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